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        Health Care at Home


Changing the way healthcare is delivered.



 An elite concierge care team providing home based services.

Nurse Line of Lake Norman

Changing the patient experience & improving outcomes.


Our goal is to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, and emergency room visits.

How will we do it?

Our Team: 

Registered Nurse Team Leader - Care Coordinator, 

a Consultant Pharmacist, 

 compassionate Caregiver  

We interact with your physician, and healthcare members to provide a more personal, trusted care experience.

Our registered nurse provides in-home patient assessments, including vital sign, heart, lung, & skin assessments, medication management, patient & family education, chronic disease and post-operative care, coordination of care, consults with pharmacist, schedules and oversees caregiver services.

This approach leads to better outcomes, decreased hospitalizations, less unnecessary emergency room visits, and less patient anxiety.


Why do we do this?

Because you deserve the very best care.

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